In a market place saturated by co-provider agreements; licensing is a fresh alternative where both parties work together for common benefit.

Licensing strengthens the delivery power of Safetywave whilst allowing the licensed partner to benefit from a share of the turnover.

Licensing allows Safetywave deal with the day-to-day administration of an RTO including booking and managing customers and allows the licenced partner to promote locally and deliver the quality training.

Licensing allows Safetywave to manage the day to day accounting minimising the financial administration burden.

Licensing allows the licensed partner supplement their income by operating a complimentary business such as safety consultant, emergency equipment or safety supplies.

  • First Aid – Licensed Training Provider can deliver for the first aid suite of courses and may (if suitable qualified) deliver
    • Fire extinguisher training
    • Short WHS courses
  • Health and Safety – Licensed Training Provider can deliver from the health and safety courses
  • Fire Safety – Licensed Training Provider can deliver the fire Safety Training including Fire Safety Adviser

The Licensed Training Provider must meet the trainers’ requirements to deliver the specified courses and more than one licence may be provided in the same area to ensure all courses are covered.

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